Summer Camp for Kids in Qatar

An ideal time to explore new things in life, learn new things and make new friends, summers are like a boon to both children and parents. Letting their children enjoy interesting indoor activities while learning about various educational topics, every parent would be more than happy to see their children in a safe and heartwarming ambience.:

London Academy, the ideal centre of education, has introduced wonderful summer programs with their summer camps for children, which is being held at Qatar. The fun filled, reliable and mesmerising summer camps at Qatar ensure children experience a holistic learning moment, while enjoying themselves. With the summer programs, children get the opportunity to learn valuable skills while enhancing their self-esteems and confidence. The summer camp for kids in Qatar also makes sure that the children discover new interests for themselves and learn to work as a group with other children in the camp.

The summer programs at the summer camp by London Academy aims to add a valuable touch to children’s lives, enabling them to become even more responsible and self-sufficient.

London Academy will be hosting an assorted range of summer programs in Qatar for better learnability through fun activities. Have a look at some of them:


Let your child experience some creative ways to express himself/herself with the “Art n Craft” summer program held at summer camp in Qatar by London Academy. With this program, children can actively participate in fun drawing, coloring and artistic activities and bring out their creative nature in the most interesting way. The combination of vibrant colors with new ideas from the children will create a stunning result for them to learn from. The “Art n Craft” summer program not only allows your child to try a hand in artwork, but also to come up with unique handmade designs and craftwork, which will showcase their ability to innovate.


Besides classroom education, physical fitness is an integral part of a child’s learning. Keeping this in
mind, London Academy has incorporated Games in its summer program. This is a unique opportunity
for kids to discover the immense potential of physical education on their physical and mental well
being. With the help of trained instructors, children shall learn to interact and compete with each
other through carefully designed games. This program encourages the development of a child’s
personality manifold: through both increased physical fitness and a boost of self-confidence that
shall reflect in their future stride.


Enhance your child’s cognitive skills with the interesting “Abacus” summer program conducted
by London Academy for young students. Boosting up the children’s memory, while focusing on
concentration, innovativeness and problem-solving aptitude, the “Abacus” program is a smart
way to introduce mental mathematics to the little ones. In this program, the children will not only
strengthen their math skills, but also experience a boost to their confidence.

English Activities:

London Academy recognises English as one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. With
the goal to improve the English proficiency of children from a young age, London Academy has
included English in its summer program. It shall enthuse the students and help to develop their
interest in English through various written and spoken techniques. Numerous activities that are
designed by professionals will allow the young students to quickly grasp and develop their
understanding of this subject. This will encourage students to not only read and write flawless
English, but also to speak English fluently.


The “Writing” summer program introduced by London Academy is ideal for those who want to acquire flawless writing style in the summer. Learn fun and new ways of writing, such as, cursive and block writing and make your children feel proud of their capabilities. Children in the summer camp will also be encouraged to write complete sentences and letters to their parents, which would enhance their writing skill.


Introduce your children to unique structures of English words and sentences with the “Spelling Champion” program held at the summer camp in Qatar. This not only enables them to learn new words but also helps them to learn their spelling. The professionals of this program familiarize the students with the new words and phrases, with the help of fun games, activities and playful methods. The program also encompasses long-word decoding skills, basic reading styles, speed reading and spelling skills and as a result, the children become more fluent with new English words and phrases.

Science Activities:

In an era where the civilisation is progressing by leaps and bounds through scientific inventions and
developments, London Academy realises the indispensable need to integrate Science with the daily
lives of children. Through carefully constructed program that includes fun experiments and
learning, London Academy tries to build the basic foundation of scientific temperament in young
children. This program will allow children to be a part of an engaging and hands-on learning
experience. It will try to develop their inquisitive and curious mind set and direct them in a
constructive and scientific manner so that their observing, hypothesising, processing and analysing
skills can develop.

ICT Activities:

Today’s generation thrives on technology. London Academy has incorporated an exclusive summer program to allow young children to adapt to the world of technology. Through learning exercises and hands-on practices, skilled professionals will help children to unleash their creativity and promote building of relationships through technology and communication. By acquainting children with communication and technology from a young age, London Academy will help them to expand their horizon and implement technology in developing entrepreneurship skills, social skills, perseverance and advanced learning skills. It will also educate children to know the negative impact of technology and how to avoid those in real life.

London Academy Summer Camp Programme – 2019

Fees Structure:

  • 1900 QAR per Month
  • 600 QAR per Week

Registration categories:

  • Age 5 – 12 years. Grade 1-5


  • 09:00 AM – 1:00PM (Batch 1)
  • 02:00 PM – 06:00PM ( Batch 2)


  • 1 July 2019 – 31 July 2019
  • (4 Days per week: Sunday-Wednesday)