Our Features & Facilities

From the initial admission process, through exceptional coaching, guidance, completing curriculum and beyond we support the students of London Academy Qatar in all forms which ensure they are comfortable with the sessions, attaining knowledge and preparing. Our structure keeps the students and their parents informed and connected about the progress of learning. All kids need is a little hope and somebody who believes in them and at London Academy, we believe in students ability to succeed and that is the most powerful thing we do in our academy.

At London Academy Qatar, we guide our students to discover a world of possibilities within themselves with the support of our diverse faculty members which is truly unconditional.

اكاديمية لندن أفضل المراكز التعليمية في قطر مدرسين خصوصيين في قطر مراكز تعليمية في قطر الايلتس
  • Expert panel of teachers
  • Continuing Progress Analysis (CPA)
  • Separate batches for Girls & Boys
  • Male & Female teachers in Qatar
  • Special coaching for below average level students
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Convenient schedules