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It has been set up in 2010, the core focus of London Academy of Tutors is to address the challenges faced by the customer in this fast-paced world. The aim of education makes it an effective training center and also offer integrated solutions in the education and social development field by enabling our customer to be both the clients and makers of learning with the end goal to accomplish their professional objectives.


To be respected, powerful and superior quality educational institution to propel the knowledge and teach the student to be unique, that will best serve the country and the world in the coming time.


To enable our students so that they come into confident possession of intrinsic talents, it enhances the skills which are required for achievement in the competitive examinations, build up reasonable systems and respects which will enable them to act with mindfulness and humankind.

Best Tutor

As every student is unique and the same goes for a tutor. We take a lot of consideration while coordinating a new student with a teacher whose behaviour matches with him and who can easily guide them and help in their examinations in the best possible way that could be available.

The tutors who is arranged by us belongs to a range of different backgrounds and specialisms. We offer from well qualified teachers to the career tutors.  We arrange tutors of all the subject who are pro in that particular subject and also have relevant experience. We believe that each student can be propelled to learn with the right tutor. To make London Academy tutors more inspiring than the others, they coordinate the common mind level of our students with those of the tutor helps.

Apart from academic qualifications, a good tutor is an incredible communicator who owns the mystique and energy which can motivate young minds. Our All tutors pass through two rounds of tutor-training to fortify their regular fitness and furnish them with the skills to give the best possible education.

Courses Offered

There are numerous courses offered by them and few of them are mentioned below. Every course has a different method of learning as all the courses vary according to the subject. They also provide home tutoring for all the subjects. It depends on the student which course he wants to opt.

English Tutoring

London Academy gives English tuition to students between the ages of 5-17 (from Kindergarten to Year 12). The course covers all types aspects of the English language that a student need to learn and understand at school. The course schedule is designed by keeping in mind the pace of every student that how much they grasp it. A student can begin at any level within this course, as per the student’s current ability and knowledge. A free initial assessment is given to all children which helps to identify the areas where is the requirement to concentration. After assessment every student will be assigned to the particular level course as per their assessment results.

IELTS Preparation

Many students apply in the various universities or institutions for the higher education and for that, an individual needs an advanced English literacy level and it will benefit from the Academic exam of this test.

Those who are preparing for the application of immigration to the countries who speak English will get benefit from the General Training exam and that mainly aims at the general skills which are required for broad social and workplace contexts.

The courses of  IELTS preparation are conducted in one-on-one or group classes and gives the clear view of the pattern of exam and its scoring, and it also guides the students by providing sample exercises of each module i.e. speaking, reading, listening and writing, and along with explaining relevant tips and techniques.


BULATS is an online tool which is flexible and that assesses the English language skills for business, industry and commerce. It enables an individual to develop a workforce and that further boost up the communication skills which are required in international business environments. The test of BULATS is organized through our network of authorized agents of  BULATS all over the world.

The test format of BULATS’ modular format enables the testing of all four skills of language:

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Writing

You can also take this tests in any combination of these skills which helps you to meet your particular needs. The tests are organized by agents of BULATS of our network, but this can be taken on any computer or laptop which has good connectivity of internet. You are not required to download or install any special software. Note: BULATS tests paper were mostly available in the format of paper and same as for languages other than English. Cambridge English does not offer any of these formats, since December 2016.

An individual who has taken this exam can apply for various job profile quickly, accurately, and affordably. He will be eligible to apply to the Global companies which incorporate PwC, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft and Nestle utilize BULATS for their recruitment. They choose internal candidates who have the perfect skills of English language for the placement in their overseas offices. This test can be utilized at anyplace and at anytime wherever you required i.e. it is a flexible test.

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  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Arabic
  • Islamiyah
  • Qatar History
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Information Technology
  • Quran Classes